We are Jessica and Jeremy Ridenour and we lead a tribe of passionate wellness advocates focused on natural and plant based health. We have chosen to live life fully expressed and celebrate the gifts that mother earth has given us. We love supporting others in their optimal health journey.

So many people don’t know how good they can feel if given with the right tools to support their body and health. When our bodies are equipped, we have the opportunity to thrive and then that gift shows up in the other areas of our life.

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When we know better, we do better

For Jess and I our whole lives we’ve always had the dreams and goals to be involved in a cause that we knew could change people’s lives. We’ve always wanted to be financially free so we could serve people and not be worried about finances and we’ve always wanted to be involved in something where we knew we could help other people do the exact same thing.

Jess became a successful corporate defense attorney and I went to work at American Airlines. You know it always felt like something was missing. It just didn’t seem like this goal we had was possible. So Jess and I built a family with two beautiful boys. We were juggling marriage, family and careers and things began to get really stressful. Then in 2014 Jess began to get really sick. After a bunch of tests they diagnosed her with an autoimmune disease and put her on a steroid medication to help relieve the symptoms.

At that point she began searching for a way to support her body and her healing naturally. Not long after that Jess began talking about these essential oils that a friend of hers had introduced her to. I was very skeptical in the beginning as was she. But she was so motivated to find a way to support her health naturally. So she began using oils like Frankincense and Rosemary and she quickly noticed that her symptoms like the hair loss and the joint pain began to improve. Right around that same time our youngest son Rafe was really complaining about ear discomfort he was having. So Jess decided to see if the essential oils could help him as well. She rubbed Melaleuca (tea tree oil) around his ears and we could see the discomfort ease and his ears start to drain properly.

So the results were amazing but even more than that was we began to feel empowered. And I remember Jess looking at me and saying, you know we have to share this with other people. If we could share this feeling, what we’ve learned with other people and supplement our income or even replace our income, why wouldn’t we at least try?

And so that’s why we’re here, that’s why we’re always looking for people that we can invest our time and resources in to share this empowered feeling that has had such a tremendous impact in our lives. We can mentor and we can teach others that there’s another way and that doterra can bless their lives as well.

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