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Holiday markets are in full swing – what a whirlwind! I hope you are taking some time for yourself and finding some:

​While some of the ads don’t show it, I am 100% convinced that all eyes will be on emotional wellness & empowered health decisions in this next decade.

I personally think there are a few industries that are panicking right now – fitness, beauty and pharmaceutical come first to my mind. They built their billions teaching people (specifically women) that they aren’t enough, don’t know enough and that their worth is connected to the 6 pack they’re trying to get or the perfect angle in their bathroom mirror selfie.

I’ve been teaching people for the last few years about how to integrate natural tools into their life to ultimately allow their intuition to become stronger. What I’m finding people are most drawn to are the plant oils that work with them to really FEEL life .

If I can give you one piece of advice, sincerely from my , it is to incorporate this one oil into your life: Frankincense. This oil took me from “rolling the dice” on another “thing to try” to taking control of my life from a debilitating condition. If you know me, you know I don’t tolerate “puffery” – I AM better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The aroma of Frankincense stimulates the brain’s emotional center, soothing and calming the mind. Physically, Frankincense strengthens the immune system, aids in rejuvenating the skin, and helps compromised systems recover. Spiritually, it is incredibly grounding, helping you feel secure and safe.

DoTERRA’s Frank is the best on the market, bar none. I have watched hours of footage on their responsible harvesting in Somalia and their extensive testing in internal and third party labs for quality. Get it for free this month. Here is the plan: if you are already a member of my team, log on to (I can help you if you forgot your info), Holiday shop for your family & friends (and yourself), spend $200 (200 PV – look for the # in green), then you get a $70 bottle of Frank for free. If you are not already a member of my team, text me and I will help you with the process.

Here are my top 3 uses for Frankincense:

(1) Internally – 2 drops under the tongue. This may seem a little extreme, but I recommend a noble try here. (Only with DoTERRA’s Frank). This is a safe and an uber effective way for me to reach a state of blissful emotional and physical health. The “monoterpenes” in Frankincense oil create the antithesis of “nervous conditions.” If under the tongue is not in the cards (it doesn’t taste like cupcakes), try putting it in a capsule (available at health food stores), rubbing it on the bottoms of your feet, or diffuse. Stress is inevitable; arm yourself with tools to keep your emotional state in check.

(2) Household All-Star – Frankincense oil is an antiseptic, meaning it will help eliminate bacteria, viruses, and other indoor pollutants. I diffuse it in different blends daily. Here is one of my all-time favorite blends. I call it MAGIC.

(3) Applying Topically to Skin – Add 2 drops to your moisturizer every night. Frankincense has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone and elasticity. It just gives you a glow. As noted above, its antibacterial properties help keep your pores clean and tight. Not to be out-shined by the beauty routine, keep Frankincense on hand to dab on cuts, scraps, rashes, or just any kind of skin aliment to speed up your body’s natural defenses and recovery time. 1-2 drops goes a long way – and you can apply without diluting. Also, it is a “driver oil” meaning that if you are using another for pain, etc., layering Frank on top of your other oil will increase the benefits.

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I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine.

It is a hot tamale of a summer. This is that time of year where laying on the deo (even natural deo) is a non-negotiable for most. Well, I saw a great summer self love tip yesterday from a Dr. friend. Ready? ARMPIT DETOX.

Have you tried doTERRA’s mud mask for your face? It is amazing, but I never thought to use it on my pits. Ha!

​Most people have abused this area of the body with years of toxic aluminum and synthetic fragrance laden deodorants, but people, there’s a ton of lymph nodes under there! The lymphatic system is the sewage system of your body. Don’t let it back up!

If you want to up it one more notch, try a mixture of the doterra spa mask and cilantro to chelate heavy metals and sequester them in the mask-far away from the bloodstream!

A couple of other DoTERRA staples for the summer…

Melaleuca: Cleansing for home and air. Cleansing for skin and soothes skin irritation. Emotionally this oil helps to create boundaries and release negativity. I always keep this oil handy when I travel and just rub a drop on my hands (and my kid’s hands) instead of Purell.

Purify Blend: Repels bugs and soothes bug bites. Seriously, fantastic to put on mosquito bites – itching is gone in seconds. I also put a few drops on a cotton ball and stick in stinky shoes overnight. Emotionally this oil helps one to break free from negative patterns and habits.

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Hello September

What does this month mean to you….

Back to school, cooler weather (for some), football, etc….bottom line, September is a busy, beautiful month, that signals a shift.

During shifts our body can be taxed, we can feel anxious, and often this is a month where colds/viruses start to circulate. So let’s focus on one action step we can take to operate at our highest potential.

Challenge this month: purify the air in your house, office, car, etc., basically any enclosed space where you spend time. By purifying the air, we are not only going to improve the quality of the air we breathe, but also shift our moods to what serves us best during the moments that count.

The two most effective steps you can take to “step up” to this challenge: eliminate air fresheners and synthetic cleaners. I will tackle the first one in this month’s newsletter. Especially because Fall and candles/air fresheners seem to go hand in hand. Everybody loves a warm candle when the weather turns cooler, but here is the bad news: most candles have lead in the wicks and carcinogens in the wax. In turn, such candles can disrupt hormone balance and endocrine systems; if you have kiddos running around, their little lungs really feel the impact . Check out this great article: Fragrance is the New Second Hand Smoke

Do your loved ones a solid and consider a better alternative: diffusing therapeutic grade essential oils. Below are four of my favorite blends:

Fall Shift

Have a great month!!
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~ Never underestimate your body’s ability to orchestrate healing, naturally ~

New Year Resolutions –


Do you feel this is a “pressurey” month? Resolutions… whatever. For me, in 2018, I am focusing on ownership.

Have you noticed this in conversation with some people? They don’t yet understand the ‘ownership’ factor–being growth conscious not goal conscious.

Daily needle movement. I truly believe you cannot change your life until you change something you do every day, and sincerely want it. 💕

For me, I am moving the needle forward in two ways:

(1) I will be a better steward of my time.
“Yes” is not always the answer. I have said “no” to several intriguing opportunities this year, because I knew I would be stretched too thin. My husband and I lead a team of incredibly powerful individuals, and I love them with everything in me. I truly feel that when I am dialed into my zone, I can get done in 4 hours what use to take me a week. This is serving at its best. This is owning your precious commodity: time. Together, we are going to focus on growth, massive growth, and we will shine.

(2) I will be a better steward of what I put in my body.
For me this is SUGAR. My guiltiness does not rest in desserts. Rather, it is in eating out (multiple times a week) not knowing what is in the food, red wine, and the sneaky items like condiments, pasta sauce, bread, etc. The secret is out; the equation is simple. SUGAR ACCUMULATION = INFLAMMATION = DISEASE. I am going to use Grapefruit Oil (in my water) to combat sugar cravings, Tangerine Oil (also in my water and super high in limonene) to clear the static in the attic, and Black Pepper Oil (on the bottoms of my feet) to combat addictions.

Lastly, but most enthusiastically, I want to let everyone know about a 4 week program we are launching February 1st called “Feel, Deal, Heal.” It is a combination of EFT tapping and essential oils. It is free. It is recorded to watch at your convenience (just 1 hour a week). It is geared to up-level your “ownership” of your day, tremendously, in areas that you–as the expert–need it most. If you are ready, respond to this email – we are limiting the group to 30 slots, to give individual coaching throughout (optional but encouraged).

This is lift off. Here is to glowing and growing in 2018.

❤ Jess & Jerm – Happy New Year!

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